Critical Minerals Africa 2023: Securing Supply Chains into the Future

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From digitally-powered to green mining supply chains, the global minerals economy is undergoing rapid transformation, to be explored at the upcoming Critical Minerals Africa 2023 summit in Cape Town this month.

A forward-looking panel at Critical Minerals Africa (CMA) 2023 will explore how technology, sustainable practices and localization can ensure stable and secure critical minerals supplies, under the theme, The Future Minerals Economy and the Resilience of Supply Chains. 

The panel will be moderated by Olimpia Pilch, Founder and Chief Operating Officer of the Critical Minerals International Alliance, UK.

Panelists include Dr. Marit Y. Kitaw, Interim Director of the African Minerals Development Center (AMDC), Ethiopia; Deshan Naido, Managing Director of AQORA, South Africa; Duma Sisulu, Co-Founder & Chief Analyst at Parime Battery Minerals, South Africa; Alex Benkenstein, Head of the Climate and Natural Resources Program at the South African Institute of International Affairs (SAIIA); and Kwasi Ampofo, Head of Metals and Mining at BloombergNEF. 

As demand changes and complexities increase, African and global mineral supply chains are undergoing several transformations to better manage supply disruptions and price fluctuations, from adopting digitalization to strengthening local and regional outputs. The panel will explore how market instability – triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic and Russia-Ukraine war – has accelerated the need for localized supply chains and how African countries can ensure their demand for critical and industrial minerals is met, while foreign markets like the US and Europe seek to secure their own supplies.

The panel will evaluate the strength of Africa’s existing local and regional supply chains, strategies for improving operational efficiencies and the role of cross-border cooperation and partnerships in ensuring supply chain stability and resilience. Discussions will also address best practices for decarbonizing mining activities and how circular economy principles can be integrated to maximize resource efficiency and minimize waste, with a view to establishing green supply chains of the future.

Other key developments in the critical minerals space include mining companies diversifying their operations across multiple sectors, while fostering synergy among mining, energy, and oil and gas in the quest for transition minerals. As the sole high-level, dedicated summit for African critical minerals, CMA 2023 will bring these discussions to the forefront, as Africa emerges at the center of global hub activities.

The Critical Minerals Africa 2023 summit on October 17-19 serves to position Africa as the primary investment destination for critical minerals. The event is held alongside the African Energy Week 2023 conference on October 16-20, offering delegates access to the full scope of energy, mining and finance leaders in Cape Town. Sponsors, exhibitors and delegates can learn more by contacting

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