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  1. This session looks at national and regional value chains within Africa, highlighting the end use of critical minerals at successful African energy, manufacturing, and processing ventures - as well as the production and recycling efforts required for the next generation of technologies

  2. This session explores the importance of critical minerals in transitioning to low-carbon energy, focusing on cross border integrated value chains, such as the proposed DRC-Zambia EV free zone. It will examine the challenges in developing projects that transform resource-rich countries from raw material suppliers to technological and industrial leaders.

  3. This session explores key opportunities in Africa's critical minerals sector to drive economic growth. Topics include quantifying investment opportunities across the SADC region, necessary policy reforms for an enabling environment, integrating ESG principles, and developing essential infrastructure.

  4. Investing in African Critical Minerals in a Competitive Environment

    This session dives into investment opportunities across the spectrum of critical minerals and rare earth projects. It will focus on creating an enabling environment to attract key producers and buyers.

  5. Innovation in a New Era of African Mining


    This session explores key trends in African mining, looking at new markets and successful projects, and the outlook for their businesses. Panelists will explore how initiatives like the African Green Minerals Strategy, Minerals Security Partnership and European Critical Raw Materials Act help shape production and markets for mineral resources

  6. A lunch time session dedicated to new developments and project updates for lithium producers.
  7. A lunch time session dedicated to new developments and project updates for platinum group metals producers.

  8. Empowering Africa's Critical Minerals Industry for Global Leadership


    The Ministerial Forum engages high-level government officials to translate ambitions into action. The panel will examine policy frameworks, infrastructure requirements, and international cooperation to empower Africa's critical minerals industry. 

  9. Co-hosted by ECP and the CMIA

    A captivating evening set against the stunning backdrop of the Cape Town skyline. Enjoy great entertainment, food and conversations in a lively atmosphere, with keynotes from minerals leaders. 

  10. Ministerial Interview: Unleashing South Sudan's Mining Potential

    Forging Alliances: Establishing South Sudan as an Emerging Minerals Producer
    This session will delve into South Sudan's untapped mining potential, focusing on strategies for developing the industry from the ground up. Emphasis will be on forming alliances to build a robust and sustainable sector.

    Striking the Balance: Enhancing Investments Through Effective Policy
    This session delves into aligning South Sudan's mining policy and regulatory frameworks to foster investments, stimulate economic growth, and promote sustainable development.


    Exploring New Frontiers
    South Sudan is under-explored, and its minerals wealth not yet fully assessed. Mining companies, exploration firms and service providers will investigate the nation’s subsurface in this session.

  11. This session focuses on strategies to strengthen Africa's critical minerals supply chains amidst geopolitical complexities. Key discussions will include addressing market access and competitiveness, promoting value addition, and leveraging international partnerships for technology and financing.

  12. This session dives into the opportunities presented for Angola, the DRC, Zambia and other countries by the Lobito Corridor and how it is creating a blueprint for developing regional value chains, strategic infrastructure investment, and maximizing socio-economic impacts.

  13. A dynamic platform for industry leaders, innovators, and experts to explore trends, technologies, projects, and transformative ideas. It takes place in the exhibition area.